Unanswered Prayers –Gifts

prayerSometime or  even manytimes,  in our life  we go through this strange feeling of being neglected by God. Some of our prayers may remain unanswered, even till now.  But all the same, you may also agree with me, if I say that unanswered prayers are blessings of God….. in disguise .

I shall substantiate my view with a small story  which came as a mail forward. The mail forward was in my mother tongue (Tamil).

Here goes the story……

In  south India , there was a temple priest called Sudhakar.  He is incharge of pooja in a temple and did his duties perfectly well and ofcourse, with great devotion. Devotees throng to the temple daily with multitudes of prayers.

Priest Sudhakar, had the habit of talking to God, everyday, as a vent for his  joy or sad  feelings. Normally, he does not get any response from God. Neither did he expect that.

Days rolled by.

One day, as usual, when Sudhakar was talking to God, he casually commented,” Oh Poor God! You seem to be standing in this position, since Iam seeing you. Is it not very tiresome for you to stand like this ?”

To his surprise he had a response that day. The reply came from the God statue,.The voice said , ” Sudhakar, If you are so concerned about my pain ,let us think of interchanging our roles, atleast for a day. As you say it is very boring to be in this posture, for years together. I too need a change. Let me relax by moving up and down the temple. Why don’t we can change our roles? If you agree, let us do that  tomorrow from dawn to dusk.”

Sudhakar, though taken back, agreed to this.

But this role for Sudhakar did not come free. Yes. As you guess it is ” Conditions Apply” . God added,” Look Priest. You should stand just like I do. Come what may .You should never show your expression or respond to my devotees. You should stand with a frozen smile and keep blessing .”

The condition did not seem  a difficult task for Sudhakar.. He agreed. The next day dawned. Sudhakar opened the gates of the temple.

God was waiting for him. He and Sudhakar silently exchanged places. God dressed up like Sudhakar, was going up and down the temple corridor , cleaning the temple, making garlands, cooking prasad etc… Sudhakar, in the role of God statue stood straight, put on an everlasting smile on his face and watching the happenings there.

(From now on let me  call Sudhakar in the role of God as God(S) and the real God as GOD.)

As usual devotees with a variety of prayers started to flow in. Our God(S)  was silently watching all this.

Soon the drama began……

There came a rich business man, with his wish. He bargained with God(S) and dropped in a bundle of currency notes, in the Hundial kept in front of the temple. And he said,” what I dropped in the hundial  is just an advance, God . If my business flourishes, I shall give you more .” ( GOD in in the dress of Sudhakar, laughed to himself thinking “who gives whom?”) After his bargain was over , he left the temple. But, he forgot to take back the cash bag, which he left on the floor of the temple.

God(S), had to stop himself from calling the rich man and ask him to take back his cash bag. The bag contained not only huge amount of cash , but also some gold and diamond jewellery. God(S) felt that his hands are tied.  But the helpless God(S), continued his God act.

Next came a very poor man. He had only a coin to offer and he too closed his eyes and prayed to God, ” God, I have only this coin to offer you. But…… you know, as to how to take care of me and my poverty stricken family.”

With this prayer , he opened his eyes  and immediately the unattended cash bag, caught his attention. He saw it was unattended. He took it and opened it. He saw the bag full of cash and jewellery. He looked around. He saw no one searching for this bag. Looking around, he doubly confirmed,  that no one was looking for the cash bag. He thought, that at last  GOD had answered his prayers. Happily  he took the bag and went away.

Helpless God(S), can do nothing, but to silently watch this also.

After a few minutes there came a ship captain .He prayed for his safe voyage which he was going to start that day. As he was praying, the rich man who lost his cash bag rushed into the temple, with two policemen and said ,” I kept the cash  bag here, but it is not found here now. ”

Immediately, the ship captain, who was standing there, was enquired. He was suspected of having stolen the cash bag. And so he was about to be arrested. Not able to contain himself ,God(S) shouted from inside ” Policeman. No …..Don’t do that. Do not arrest the ship captain. He is innocent . I know who the culprit is.” And told about the poor man who took the cash bag. The richman thanked the God for intervening at the right time, to get back his cash bag.

And there is no need to say that the ship captain was the happiest of all .

Now, God(S) was brimming with pride.. He  said to himself,” I did something even the GOD would not have done. He would have been a silent spectator. But, I did the right thing and saved the ship captain.I answered his prayer. After all I am the God now.  Iam very much satisfied about that.”

The day passed by. It was time for Sudhakar and God to revert back to their original roles.

After switching back roles, the God asked Sudhakar, ” How was your day? ”

Sudhakar proudly replied,”Why do you ask me? You were a witness to everything.  I had done something right isn’t it? You don’t answer everyone’s prayer. But I did. ”

Now the God gave a hearty laugh and said ,” What did I tell you? Did I not ask you to be silent come what may ? Why did you intervene in the drama? ”

Sudhakar now thought,” Instead of applauding me for my act , God seems to find fault with my actions.” And so he said,”Do you mean to say that I should keep quiet when some thing wrong is done in front of my eyes. I saved the ship captain. Was that not right?”

Now the God replied with a thundering laughter.He said,” So you think you saved the ship captain by answering his prayer? Is it? ”

Sudhakar with great confusion looked at the God and asked,” Is there any doubt for you over that?”

God continued. ” Let me explain. What the rich man offered was only a tiny portion of his belongings. Also, all his belongings were not earned by his hard work.. He had cheated somebody to become rich. And  the poor man ,……. he deserves that  cash bag. The poor man will be relieved of poverty and at the same time the rich man’s karma also would have been lessened a little by this charity.”

“See now what you had done by intervening in this matter? ”

Sudhakar then questioned,” That is Ok. But why did you bring the ship captain into the picture. Was he also at fault to get arrested and be behind the bars. ?”

God continued,” Iam coming to that. Ship captain was about to start his voyage. There is going to be a heavy storm on his journey. He will not survive that storm. To save his life, I tried to prevent him from taking this journey, by arresting him. You bungled up the whole thing.”

Sudhakar  became very sad now. With tear filled eyes, he said,” Because of me ship captain is going to die. That makes me sad. Oh! God! Can you please do something and save the captain. And as you know much better than me, why don’t you set right all the things I confused.?”

God patted Sudhakar, smiled  and said,” I shall take care of everything. No worries. ”

And continued,” But always remember that even unanswered prayers are also my blessings.”

“Sometimes  I don’t answer your prayers . True. But that is also, only  to save you. You won’t understand  the  divine secret lying behind unanswered prayers.”

Sudhakar with folded hands thanked God and begged forgiveness.

God blessed Sudhakar and froze himself, back into a statue .

After reading this story, now you would also agree with my post title. It is we, who should take things in the right stride, and get along. God is always by our side, watching things and  intervening at the right moments. If He does not intervene , then that is also in our best interests.

WIth Him, by our side to guide us,  let us transform , challenges–into success stories.