A Pearl’s Suicide Note!

Some time back I read a   beautiful Tamil poetry .

I thought of sharing the substance of that ….. which is really interesting…..



Here it goes like this:

 A beautiful girl comes to meet her lover . She is beautifully dressed up and also she wears a pearl nose ring which hangs from the tip of nose . It is an antique jewel and in Tamil it is called “Nathu”. She is waiting to meet her  man.

But he is a bit late . This makes the girl to go red with rage. 

 The lover arrives , but the girl refuses even to smile at him.The man tries his best, to soften his lady love. but in vain.

 This man also happens to be a poet. He starts describing the beauty of the girl.

In his ecstasic and romantic mood he exclaims ,” My love! You are a smiling beauty. Why don’t you smile now?

The girl did not budge for this. So the man goes on…..

“Dear, I know why you are not smiling?”

The girl looks at her man in curiosity.

After a little pause , as though to raise the girl’s curiosity , he continues with a smile…

”Because when you smile , my heart misses a beat. You don’t want my heart to jump.Right?”

The lady love, saturated by her lover’s sweet nothings, did not fall for this.

So he says,” You think I am just flattering you. But I happened to read the suicide note.”.’

Now the alarmed girl literally shouts ” Suicide  note…..of whom? “

He pulls out a paper from his pocket and reads.The suicide note goes like this: 

Dear All,

Normally when poets describe women’s teeth they compare the teeth with a glowing pearl.

But this lover in his   romantic mood said,” My Lady love,Pearls are shunning away looking at your smile. Your teeth glow more than the pearl.”

The insult which I went through by the above words knew no bounds.Not able to stand this insult, I hang myself to death in front of the teeth, with which Iam compared to..

I hereby hold the poetic lover, his lady love and the glowing teeth to be totally responsible for my hanging.

Hoping to get my due respect atleast in Heaven , I leave this damn world.

See you all in my next birth,

(the unfortunate)Pearl.

Reading out the Pearl’s suicide note, the man lovingly clings the ‘nathu’ of his lady love.

The girl tried her utmost best to hide her blushing. But could not …..

Now…… , do we have any business to stand here?

Let us leave them alone. 


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