Sangam Love-I


image courtesy --wikimedia commons

image courtesy –wikimedia commons


Red roses and gift boxes in the hands of youngsters caught my attention. I said ,” What a strange coincidence! So many people have birthdays on the same day.”

My friend walking beside me gave a hearty laugh and said, ” Don’t you know today is Feb 14th ,Valentine’s Day. ” I then replied,” Oh! Yes. I forgot. Of course some few years back February 14th went like any other day in our country(India). But now, the day is making a great fuss among the youngsters. May be it is one of the marketing techniques or “aping the west” which makes this day an important one.”

My friend immediately said,” I have been your friend for a very long time. I never knew that you had a hate relationship with love.”

” What gave you this impression about me? I love being loved and ofcourse  I love my family .” I retorted back

” But then why are you against Valentine’s day?” my friend asked again.

“I  don’t hate Valentine’s day.  I just said that in our part of the globe ,everyday is a Valentine’s day. Why should we celeberate love on one single day alone?”

“Do you mean to say that lovers should be exchanging gifts and roses on a daily basis.”

“No. Again you had mistaken me. what Iam trying to say is that love should be exchanged between the lovers every moment . When love gets shared , these gifts become superficial”

” But this is a just a way of expressing their love.”

” May be. But in our culture there is no need for a day like this. Everyday is a Valentine’s day for couples.’

But shall we stop this argument here.?

Iam reminded of aTamil Sangam poem which we learned in our college days. What a casual outlook of love by the poet ! He talks about the love between a stag and a doe. How do they express their love?

Read how it goes.

There was a severe drought in a place where the deer couple were living. On a sunny day both of them went in search of green pasture to graze. But drought had already grazed them all. Having travelled a long distance they felt thirsty. But no water in sight.

After some time they came across a small pool of water, but not enough to quench both . Stag wanted his doe love to drink and doe thought the other way. So both of them went to the pool and put in their mouth there.

Time went by. Stag pretended to drink the water, so that doe his lover would quench her  thirst. The poet  then finishes the poem saying, it is but natural that lovers behave like this,

The poem ends here.Is that not a thought provoking poem where in the poet tries to highlight the sacrifice made by lovers.? Does it not tell about our culture where love was intertwined in our lives. Otherwise a poet could not come out with such a love song.

I strongly believe that love is felt and not seen inside the gift boxes or inside a bouquet. That is what I was trying to bring out.

Immediately my friend replied,” Oh! what a loving wife I have got! Let me tell here, that the friend I  was conversing with,  was none other than my loving husband.

Some of you would love to read the poem.

Here it is in my mother tongue Tamil. Read and enjoy.

சுனைவாய்ச் சிறுநீரை எய்தா தென்(று) எண்ணியப்

பிணைமான் இனி துண்ண வேண்டிக்கலைமாத்தன்

கள்ளத்தின் ஊச்சும் சுரமென்பர் காதலர்

உள்ளம் படர்ந்த நெறி’.

This lovely poem was written by the poet  MaranPoraiyanar(மாறன் பொறையனார்)

Another poem also comes to my mind. Let me write about that in my next post. Incidentally that is also a love poem.



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