A Tribute To The Rocket Scientist.

Kalaam-quotes_4 When our nation was in turmoil and confusion prevailed among the youth there came a saviour who sowed the seeds of confidence in the young minds.

“If your dreams should come true, first you should be a dreamer ” his quotes  had a great effect  among our youth. He himself must have been a dreamer in youth.  He dreamt of India  achieving  the Super Power status. The day, seeing his dream coming true is not far away.

He himself initiated the “India-super power”project by launching  satellites. He is,  no doubt , fondly called as the  Rocket scientist.

Yes.He also rose to the highest post in public life. But his height is still more in our minds and hearts. This cannot be measured by any scale.

Yesterday night, most of us would have lost our sleep, feeling insecured , with  this  guiding soul departing .

From his life we learnt a great lesson , that even  in public life,  we can still remain uninfected by dirty politics, corruption etc……

Also gave hope that we can do not only governance , but also service assuming   government office.

Many awards conferred on him took pride in adorning his cap.

” Caste , creed, religion, language ” are the words missing in his personal dictionary. Crossing all these barriers, he spread the message of love , to one and all. As a teacher himself, his love for the student fraternity is exemplary.May be, it his love for students and his confidence in them, , made him to breathe his last when he was amongst  them.

We can feel proud that this great man lived amongst us. The air he breathed reverberates ” Dreams Come True.” Let us strive to achieve that.

My respects to the departed soul.

” May his soul rest in peace.”