We Shall Get Back To You


Most of us would have had the experience of finding a home for rent.You should have your own taste  of the hardships you faced when finding a home to live in.And  we also think that normally there would not be much hardships if it comes to renting out your home.If you are of that view, then most likely you might change your view after reading this post.

It all started when we decided to get settled in Bangalore with our son , as age had started to tell on us.That left with no option, but to rent  out our ancestral home before leaving for Bangalore. Once we  decided that, we immediately got in touch with our friends and relatives  to see  if anybody was interested. Immediately one of my husband’s friends agreed upon. We thought the matter ended there. We need not worry about our ancestral home which stood in the heart of the city.

I told myself that the home will be in safe hands . And with these thoughts running in my mind I started upon my home shifting works. But my peace did not last long. As the friend who said wanted the house , now went back on his words citing various reasons. That left us with the job of  looking for a good tenant.

The first thing we did was to approach a local broker to find a tenant. He readily agreed upon. Immediately in the afternoon he brought one person. The person said he was a builder . He was satisfied and agreed upon our terms and conditions. But we needed time to decide and said we shall call him back

.To this offer my husband said , ” This person will not have a regular income. Will he be able to pay the rent every month? Will he vacate as and when we require the home? ” Why so many confusions? Let us reject this offer we decided. After all our home is in  a place where the homes go for rent , like hot cakes. So we should be  getting  a better tenant.

A day passed by , then a person came and looked around the house . We looked at his face  for a  response. Now It was his turn to say ,” I will get back to you soon. ”

Two or more days passed by without anything turning fruitful .Our time to move to Bangalore was getting closer. So we thought of putting up an advertisement in a local daily , as well as in internet. And so we did.

Now the responses were multifold. People started pouring in on that Saturday. I started to make people get around the home. I started to show them “ This is the verandah, hall, bedroom with attached bath,………….”  At least around 20 or 25 people came to visit the home that day. We were really happy at the response. But of what use? I thought we should have fixed  one by this time. But many promised to get back to us but not one responded. That started to nibble us . Why? What is wrong with our home.?

Right in the heart of the city , vast, spacious well-lit rooms ,  with trees around to give shade and wind….But something is missing. What that could it be? Are we quoting a higher rent?……

The next person came and said the usual answer,” I shall get back yo you .” We stopped him.Sensing he was a genuine tenant I said ,” We can negotiate on the rent” His answer cleared our confusion. He said ” Madam , This is an old-fashioned house. My wife would prefer a modern home . we won’t mind even if it is a flat. “

I said,” This might be an old-fashioned house. But we have all the modern amenities here.”

For this he replied,” Madam, everything is fine with the home. The rent is also ok. But your house plan is not up-to-date. It is an old plan.Like…… now the fashion is to have  an open kitchen….things like that are missing.    Added to all this the home is not Vasthu Compliant.” and he also consoled us saying “Don’t lose heart. There are people who would really wish to live in this type of home.” I had to sympathise myself and called my grandma in heaven,” Grandma , Did you hear him? But don’t be depressed by these remarks.Let all these persons say anything they want. But I love the home you built .”

On that day after repeating the words this is verandah, hall……etc….I had byhearted these words and started to blabber the same in sleep ,  this is verandah, hall ….etc….. in sleep.  My husband had to wake me up and console me “ Dear, Don’t worry . We are sure to get a good tenant. Have a good sleep.”.

Next day around 5.00 am  a phone call woke me up. It was once again by a home seeker( prospective tenant  we thought). But so early ….. It is strange that one would look for a home in this early hours .He asked me the direction to our home and walked into our home exactly  fifteen minutes later. He and his family(?)  rushed in. As a broken gramophone record I started ,” This is  verandah, this is a ………” whereupon that person stopped me. He said,” there is no need to look at the home. It is in a locality where  all would envy . Take this token advance and stretched his hand full of currency notes.”

Though my heart was full of joy on finding a tenant ,somewhere in my brain an alarm bell rang. The same alarm bell must have alerted my husband too. He said,” Mr. X  . Let us first talk about the rent, advance etc……”.

Immediately Mr. x retorted back.” Look I am a  very busy person. I don’t have time to sit and talk. My only condition is I need the house immediately. That is today …….Come on. Take the money.”

Now the alarm bell sound deafened my ears.In chorus, me and my husband said,” Sorry sir. We can understand your emergency. But already yesterday we had promised someone who came to fix the home. He said that he would be coming to give an advance in a few minutes from now on.And also we cannot vacate the house today itself.”

Just to  help us in such a situation,  my cell phone started to ring . I looked into the screen and found Kala calling.( my domestic help). After talking over the phone in a husky tone ,I looked at my husband and said, “ Here he is. He says he is on the way to come and pay the advance.”

Even after that, Mr. X tried to convince us  with enhanced rent. Suspecting a foul play, we somehow managed to get rid of him. Looking at all this my mother started praying” Angalmma,(goddess)Thaye…… Please send one good tenant to our home. I will offer two coconuts .”( A good deal)

Though my husband also had his worry over this issue, he did not lose his sense of humour.He said,” We are going through a process like finding a bridegroom for our daughter. Actually that went off smoothly with no hassles.”

I should say something about our home. Living in the home  we had flourished . May be our ancestors were not rich , but not poor. But then, the coming generations  had more than enough. Every sibling had a professional degree behind their names , cars , …… flew  around the globe, not only officially, but also for  a holiday .

Oh! .But still our home was not Vasthu Compliant.

An old-fashioned too, with so much of natural light and air.

Now my mother said,” Why don’t we call the first person who was ready to take the home for rent.  She added “When compared with others he looked OK.”

“Do you mean the one who said he was a builder? ” I asked and turned towards my husband and said,” yes dear . what do you say ? Shall we call him  and fix?”

My husband though a little confused nodded in affirmative.

Immediately, I scanned the notebook and found his number .Gave a ring to him.

“ Hullo”

“ Yes Madam. Who are you?”

“ Sir I am the owner of the house to which you came last Friday and offered to take for rent.Are you still interested? ”

“ Yes madam. But that was last week. After that I did not hear from you. So I fixed another home and also have given advance.”

“ Oh! We decided to let you the home. But that is ok . We shall look for some other person.”

“ Madam ,Please wait . Since I am interested in living in your home , I think I can reconsider my decision. Anyway me and my friend will come and talk to you in person.”

A little relieved, we went on with our chores. The next day morning the builder along with his friend walked in promptly.

His friend said ,” Let me also look at the home.”

Though a little confused, I allowed his friend to have a look.

His friend walked  up and down the house and touched the wall and said,” really Strong”.

I said ,” We are just renting the home. We are not selling it.”

The builder hushed me up and in a low tone said,” My friend should be satisfied.”

I asked him,” Why he should be satisfied? You are going to take for rent.Right?”

Overhearing our conversation the friend of the builder said,” OK Madam, I shall clarify you now . Only my friend(builder) is  going to live here. You need not have any doubt over this. But the problem is that he is facing a financial crisis, So,I am going to finance him till his situations gets better.”

“What? “ My husband literally shouted.

“ Financier for House Rent! “  I have never heard of.

Now the financier added ,” My friend thinks that if he comes to this home he is sure to become successful. I shall pay the rent for him. He is the tenant but I am the financier for the rent.”

We stood speechless.

what came to my mind was the joke in the Tamil movie “Padayappa “ where in Mr. Rajinikanth looking at Mr. Senthil says, “ He is the bridegroom. But his dress is mine.”

Feel like having a good laugh? Yes we too had a good laugh after sending the builder saying the same sentence” We shall get back to you.”

But then you must be eager to know if we had rented the house. By then one of our relatives wanted the house for a short period, so that it would be easy for their medical treatment. So they are residing there now.

What a great relief! ( For the time being)

My ordeal stands suspended for the time being. Again when I start this tenant seeking venture , I am sure to come across some more interesting experiences. I shall record them too….

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4 thoughts on “We Shall Get Back To You

    • RajalakshmiParamasivam. says:

      Thankyou Geetha madam for your comments. It is my real experience, especially the financier for rent. By God’s grace we escaped fro him.


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