smoke your way to heaven



As usual, I was sipping my early morning coffee, while my eyes were wandering through the daily newspaper . Picture of a little girl seeking alms caught my attention. i started reading the news accompanying the picture. It is about a little girl aged about 12  seeking alms in signal junctions.Let me narrate .

When the signal turned to red, the new  glittering red car came to a screeching stop. Immediately, from somewhere this girl aged 12 rushed towards the car with full hopes that people inside the car have a charitable attitude.

She knocked the glass window.. The car owner irritated, brought down the window  . The cigarette  smoke as though waiting to get freedom,  escaped through the window. The little girl’s eyes scanned  the car. The cigarette between the fingers of the owner and a beautiful girl of the same age as hers , in the back seat did not escape her eyes.

Now, the  girl started pleading the car owner not for alms ,but said,” Sir, even if you don’t give me alms it is O.K. But Please don’t give your beautiful daughter a life as mine. Though I don’t belong to a rich family, we did lead a decent life as long as my dad was alive. But because of this smoking habit he  died  leaving us , only to beg for food.”  With these words, she immediately found her way to the next car.

The car owner was speechless.

The startling truth slammed the car owner. Do you think, he will ever touch the cigarette buds with his hands?

After reading this I started to think about this evil habit smoking. I have seen so many people letting out swirls of smoke .

I always used to wonder what makes people smoke? Some say, it gives them pleasure,   it relieves them from stress. And so on…..

The pathetic situation now is  even women in India have started the smoking habit. Some say, these days  it is inevitable and so they started smoking.

Oh! If you have a will to avoid smoking, you can always find a way to move away from that. where there is a will there will be a way.

If they really know how bad it  affects your health , smokers will just hate cigarettes .A recent study says smoking causes even lung cancer.

I would like to share the hardships a celibrity faced , in his sixties, for smoking in his yesteryears.

He says that even after knowing that nicotine in cigarettes is sure to affect the nervous system, I said to myself ” Oh! This alert is not for me. My nervous system is not going to be affected. Nicotene will not cause any harm to my lungs .”  and continued with my smoking habit.”

After some years , suddenly  it dawned on him that he should quit smoking . And so he did. For ten years everything went fine. But his yesteryear mistakes did not allow him to lead a peaceful and a healthy life when he was on the threshold of old age. Yes, blocks started developing in his heart, not once  and  he had to undergo  two bye passes. The doctors said all this was due to his early age smoking habit. But he somehow  saw through the game.

But that was not all the gift the cigarette gave. Though he moved away from this evil habit , the effects of forgotten habit started to tell on him. Sometimes as we are bashed more and more   when we are weak, this habit also started to give more and more trouble in his sixties when the body was weak and  started to show signs of aging.

Under the able guidance of his Guru , this person was  doing yoga, doing regular walking exercise, practising  Pranayama ……etc……

But, the lungs did not forget the cigarettes. They had collected and stored  the nicotene which he sent inside during his young age. This stored nicotene started  to show its presence , in his sixties. They all turned into flum and prevented the lungs from doing their job.

Now this sure he says caused him great trouble. There was no pain, no fever, no other trouble . agreed. But pulling in oxygen and pushing out Carbondioxide was a Herculean task. When breathing went unnoticed for everyone  he had to struggle to do this.

He says , there were permanently two or three oxygen cylinders at home.Without Oxygen cylinders support , he could not  stay even for a few minutes. Obviously, eating was another task for him for he has to eat only removing Oxygen support. Think of talking then…..

With all these struggles to breathe he says, he was also worried about his teenaged children’s future.  He was terribly sick and struggled to breathe.  Not only he struggled to breathe his  family suffocated ,of worries over his health.

Slowly and slowly he recovered.  Life had taught him a lesson about cigarettes , but in a  hardest way.  He also adds to his writing that youngsters should stay away from this habit.

Will smokers listen to his words or learn a lesson from his life.?Will they quit smoking?

Smart ones will learn from others mistakes . Will they?

What flashed in me was , If a person decides to light his cigarette, he is not smoking the cigarette, he is smoking away  his family’s , in particular his children’s health, wealth and prosperity.

Is that not true?



image courtesy–google.