Beauty of judgement

Some years back, one day

Looking at her younger  brother, my little  daughter asked, ” why can’t this girl be our mom? ”

Curious to know what was going on, I peeped into the room where my two little ones were playing . They had a weekly magazine in their hand. My little daughter was pointing to a Kollywood actress and was waiting approval from her little brother.

My son, simply nodded and approved his sister’s choice.

What are they going to do now? I eagerly awaited their next action.( they did not notice me listening to them)

Then both of them ran towards their dad sitting in the hall with his face buried inside the daily paper.

I followed them silently.

” Dad” shouted both in chorus.

Their dad peeped outside from the  daily looked towards them and asked ,” what? ”

” Dad, Look at this aunty in this photo. She is looking so beautiful and prettier than our mom.” And stopped.

” So……..” My husband continued…..

” Why don’t we make this aunty,  our mom? ”

I was anxious to know my husband’s reaction to this question.

First he bursted into a big laughter .then he said,” But why ? Your mom also looks good. ”

” No. Not this much dad. Look at this aunty. Look at her hair. Her dress, her makeup…..her lipstick…..She is really good. ” with a glow in her eyes my daughter replied.

Though we enjoyed the moment, it did send us a message as to how we should bring up the kids. Thereafter, whenever opportunity arose, I never refrained from driving into them the message,” Looks alone cannot be a deciding factor for judging a person. At times, it can also be deceptive .”

And, now I can proudly say that I had done my job.

I had finished my job, but some others have not finished. Yes, Iam  talking about the persons who hurl abuses at people , ridiculing them  for their looks.

When will they stop?No. They will not.  I could point one . All of us watch TV.. This effective  media runs advertisements  that using a cream, soap, powder enhances your physical beauty and a girl with physical beauty wins an interview.This gives a feeling that  her character, attitude, confidence level, her education…… everything will be  brushed under the carpet  and her physical beauty alone is important . This is  an abuse for one who fails the  interview.

What made them think that way?. Something pleasant to our eyes make us happy.True. It makes us even say ” wow “. But if the girl exhibits courage and confidence and lacks the looks ,will she not succeed. ?  If she is kind enough without looks will she not be appreciated. Questions like this que up in my mind. I don’t find an answer.

Iam reminded of  beauty tips  from a Hollywood actress . Many of us are aware of the famous super duper hit  film,” My Fair Lady.” The movie’s heroine Ms. Audrey Hepburn gives her beauty tips. You are in for a surprise if you read it. Here it is,


Let us judge people  based not  on their physical appearance , but giving due weightage to  their confidence levels,  for their attitudes, for their knowledge and other virtues. That will be a beautiful judgement. I know you will agree with me.

Let us also remember that if someone ridicules us for our looks, we can be assured that  we  possess  virtues  which they don’t have. Trust me. It is true.


image courtesy–google.